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This is a very well-established academy with an excellent curriculum,
and has a solid reputation both within the community and with foreign teachers.
Gangnam is a highly affluent area of Seoul located in the Southern part of the city.
Subway line 2 runs right through it and the rest of Seoul is easily accessible through it or by Seoul's vast bus network.
COEX Mall, one of Korea's largest and most modern shopping malls, is only a 15-minute bus ride away,
and that area of Seoul is permeated with all kinds of restaurants and stores and nothing is more than a few minutes away.

We are always looking for English Teachers.
Full time : PM. 02:30 ~ PM. 09:30 (1hour preparation time and dinner break)
One Year Contract


  • 1) Gyopo or Native teacher
  • 2) BA, MA/ certified teacher / English major would get benefit
  • 3) Dedicated, enthusiastic, professional person.
  • 4) Outgoing, adaptive personality
  • 5) Experienced with American curriculum

School conditions

  • - Class size : 5 students / 1 class
  • - Teaching Level : Grade ~ Middle School Students
  • - Teaching Hours : PM. 02:30 ~ PM 09:30 (MON ~ FRI)

Application : Send your application by email to writing@miedu.co.kr with a resume and a recent picture of yourself.

  • - www.miedu.co.kr
  • - E-mail : writing@miedu.co.kr
  • - Phone : 02-2625-2400
  • - Address : 442-ho, 339, Mokdongdong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea